Coastal sailing in Greenland is a spectacular nature experience through and through, but it is also an opportunity to get close to the Greenlandic culture. Unlike other Arctic cruises that are designed especially for tourists, Sarfaq Ittuk usually carries more local passengers than travelers. Greenlanders depend on the coastal ferry as an alternative to flying, and how lucky we are to have such a beautiful way to travel in Greenland.

As the honorary tourists on board Sarfaq Ittuk, you have a special window on the Greenlandic world. Dining alongside Greenlanders in the communal café and taking in the same magnificent view from the upper decks, you have every chance to strike up a conversation and hear stories you won’t find anywhere in the Internet. At the end of the journey, watch as your new friend reunites with his family on the dock, and know that you are witness to something unique to Greenland.

“We had the chance to take a standard cruise to Greenland, but we preferred this kind of ship experience – being with the locals and meeting people. It is nicer!”

“I want to be able to say that I have seen Greenland! Then I found out about Sarfaq Ittuk. If I go to a part of the world, I want to see the whole thing!”


West Greenland waters like the Davis Strait and Labrador Sea made the original highway along the west coast of Greenland many centuries ago. Today, there are still no roads between the dozens of towns and villages, but even with airplanes and helicopters available, coastal sailing remains a beloved way to travel in Greenland.

The maritime voyage evokes a spirit of exploration as you navigate past changing landscapes and iceberg-filled waters from one Greenlandic town to the next. Each town has its own character, and excitement builds anew to discover what adventures await on shore. When out on the high seas, enjoy whale watching and chatting with your fellow seafarers until the next harbor and cluster of small colorful houses comes into focus on the open horizon.


There is a great amount of freedom on Sarfaq Ittuk to fall in line with the local way and to make your own adventure out of the voyage. But for those who wish for a bit of guidance, the Ship Guide is there during the high season purely to make sure your coastal sailing trip run smoothly.

In summertime, the coastal ferry Ship Guide arranges afternoon activities on board, and since Sarfaq Ittuk is only so big, he or she is always around and happy to answer questions.

  • Sarfaq Ittuk, the coastal ferry run by Arctic Umiaq Line, sails between Qaqortoq (South Greenland) and Ilulissat (North Greenland) from April 1 till early January. A full route takes 4 nights northbound and 3 nights southbound.

  • The coastal ferry stops in a number of towns along its route. Passengers are welcome to disembark Sarfaq Ittuk while in port. It is also possible to start or finish a trip in the middle of the route.

  • In summer, the Sarfaq Ittuk Ship Guide offers short walking tours when the coastal ferry is in port.
  • For overnight passengers, there is a range of accommodations on the coastal ferry from private cabins to shared rooms with bunk beds.

  • Three meals a day, plus an afternoon snack, are available on the coastal ferry. There is also a small store on board and wi-fi available for purchase.

  • All decks are open to take in the sights and do a bit of whale watching, and there is plenty of seating for everyone.


When you come into port at the many towns along the coast, disembark the ship for a short walking tour with the Ship Guide. You just might learn that this is the town where she spent her 18th birthday or where her father helped paint the prettiest church in Greenland. Such personalized tours in the midst of beautiful nature make coastal sailing in Greenland an unforgettable experience.