Tupilak Travel offers cheap travel to Greenland, in particular to the country’s capital, Nuuk. The journey can be combined with overnight accommodation and excursions in the area.

Tupilak Travel’s office also functions as a tourist office, books trips and provides information about what’s available in Greenland’s capital.

Guided sightseeing
The old and the new are inextricably linked. The capital has ice, whales, magnificent scenery, tradition and legends.

Close to the local population
First stop is the animal skin sewing workshop, Kittat, where the guide describes traditional tanning of animal skins, the national costume and embroidering of skins.

Souvenir shopping
In Tupilak Travel’s shop you can find various handicrafts such as masks, figures made of reindeer antler and soapstone, jewellery made of walrus tusk, narwhal tusk, reindeer antler, musk ox horn and polar bear and seal claw.

Boat trips
The captain and the guide keep their eyes peeled for whales, whilst you can enjoy the sight of the colourful houses in the fells.