We offer a 4 days hunting trip in a large area north of Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stromfjord) in Greenland. We stay in hunting camp in the area, a tent camp with large kitchen tent and small sleeping tents. The camp is in the middle of the reindeer hunting area, and we often see reindeer and various small game near the camp. Usually we meet no other hunters in the area, and for the more adventurous hunters, we have a forward small camp further away where nobody else comes, at the forward camp is the musk-ox area.
We have 100% success rate on caribou hunting, many of them big bucks.
All hunting is done on foot, and is physically demanding here in the autumn, so you have to be able to walk  5 km into the mountains, and could carry 20-30 kg back again, because all the meat and trophy have be carried back, so the fitter you are the more and better shot opportunities you get. Like your accuracy at longer shooting distances improves your chances considerably as a shooting distance of 200 meters will be normal.
Musk-ox hunting in the autumn can be extremely physically demanding and time-consuming, we hunt musk-ox from our forward camp about 10 km from main camp, and you must carry trophy down yourself, and it can weigh 30-45 kg for a shouldermount and 45-60 kg for a full bodymount. But you can pay extra for one of the guides to carry down trophy if needed.
Success rate on musk-ox varies, it depend a lot on the hunter since we have to walk extra 10 km to forward camp, but for the well trained hunter its close to 100%.
1 musk-ox costs 800 euro extra.
When there is time we make small game hunts from camp.
Our food is standard, assorted breakfast, breads and cold meats, caribou and musk ox steaks. No freeze-dried food, but really solid diet.
You can get 5 kg meat home from the animals you've shot. As frozen in flight to DK. Special hunts is arranged, do you have special requirement like extra guides, hunt in august or oktober, want to do one day hunts from town, just ask and we will find a solution for you.
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