We offer a winter hunting trip with four days of hunting in a larger hunting area south of Kangerlussuaq (Sondre Stroemfjord) in Greenland. We stay in the hunting camp in the area in a cabin heated with wood stove, beautiful surroundings with hunting opportunity within 1 km of small game and reindeer, and musk oxen a few kilometers further away. Usually we do not meet other people in the hunting area.  

We have 100% success rate in winter muskox hunting, and since a lot of animals are big bulls its approximately 50% chance of a medal bull, and often you can choose whether you want the bull on top with striking black pointy horns ends, or whether you want the very old bull with broad forehead where the wear and tear gives the trophy character.  

The hunt for musk ox is with transport on snowmobile / ATV to one of the areas with musk oxen, typically to about 1000 meters from the animals from which the final part of the hunt is done on foot. Transport of the animal back to camp is on a sled pulled by snowmobile, so a normal days hunt is usually 3-5 hours before we are back at the warm cabin, and the rest of the day may be used on small game hunting or relaxation. So the hunt is not as physically demanding, but requires good winter clothes, and that you can handle a little cold.  

The area is very diverse, so there are opportunities for all, and we adapt our daily hunt after each hunter's physique, endurance to cold and comfortable shooting distance etc.  

Our food is standard, assorted breakfast, breads and cold meats, caribou and musk ox steaks. No freeze-dried food, but really solid diet.  

You can get 5 kg meat home from the animals you've shot. As frozen in flight to DK.
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