The excursion goes to the Russel glacier with jeep, with room for 4 people . Here you can see the glacier ice at both distance and near, and you can sit and hear the ice work, and sometimes you can see the pieces break off.

There are about 1 hour drive to our stop, from where its about 30-45 minutes walk to the glacier. Here there are about 1 hour stop before heading back again. Total 4-5 hour trip. During the drive, it is sometimes possible to see reindeer and musk oxen, and when we encounter animals we stop so there can be photographed. Just as we stop regularly for photography etc.

The walk from the car to the glacier is about 150 meters up and down, and can be done by ordinary pedestrian. One should keep warm and windproof clothing, as there may be a cold wind from the ice, even in otherwise hot summer days. The cost of the trip is 2.400,- in total.

This is irrespective of the number of persons. With four people the price each is 600,-. However, with only two people the price is 1.200,- per person. Contact us at kangvandh@greennet.gl or at phone +299 589897 See our youth hostel and other excursions on www.kangv.dk
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