A complete journey in South Greenland, including the best hikes, an unforgettable excursion on Greenland’s ice sheet, and the biggest and most beautiful mountains and granite walls in Greenland, Tasermiut Fjord. Navigate among fiords, icebergs, peculiar ice formations and spectacular glacier fronts. Visit the cities of Qaqortoq, Narsaq and Nanortalik, bathe in Uunartoq’s warm spring waters.

July & August
04.07.2017 from Keflavik and Copenhagen
15.07.2017 from Keflavik
03.08.2017 from Keflavik and Copenhagen
17.08.2017 from Keflavik and Copenhagen
19.08.2017 from Keflavik
02.09.2017 from Keflavik and Copenhagen

2695,00€ from Keflavik 
Supplement from Copenhagen: 300,00€

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