S/Y Polski Hak is one of the strongest, safest and most comfortable expedition sailing yachts that operate in Arctic. Our Guests will find here a cosy shelter, enjoy great food and life on-board. Together we will be exploring some of the most remote places on the West Coast of Greenland.

    Disko Bay is a fascinating playground for people passionate about nature and unique sailing experiences.

    We will approach glaciers (Ilulissat, Eqip Sermia) closely but safely to observe the calving spectacles and listen to the amazing sound of these giants that took millions of years to form and make their way from the ice cap to the ocean. We will exploit every opportunity to observe whales and seals that feed on large schools of capelin fish that breed in Disko Bay during the summer time. We will do some amazing trekking with breath-taking views. We will be self-sufficient by fishing our own fish and cooking our own catch. Sometimes we will have a chance to find wild mussels, mushrooms and bog blueberries. We will live our lives the way we love it –like real explorers, in harmony with nature, great respect for its power and beauty – enjoying to live and travel on such an amazing yacht in that very special part of the world.

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   See you on board!

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