North Safari offers a 4 days hunt for Caribou near the magnificent Ice Cap in Kangerlussuaq, West Greenland. This hunt bring the hunters into the real wilderness, and this is a hunting adventure in the worlds “Last Frontier”. 

We trek to the caribou herds and spot the strong bucks and the hunt begins. We hunt from the camp that is well equipped with field beds and stove. September is a good season for caribou hunting, because of the upcoming rutting season and the Caribou has cleaned velvet of the antlers.

It is important that the hunter is in good physical conditions. The more land we cover, the better chances to get a big trophy bull. At the same time, we need to bring out all meat and the trophy – a part of the hunt, which the hunter has to be prepared to help with.

The weather in September is between 15 C to -10 C. We can have snow or rain, but normally it will be quite nice conditions. 

We welcomes you to a hunt of a lifetime, where you will hunt close to the magnificent Ice Cap. Only few places in the world you find this exclusive form of hunting – only you and your guide in the arctic wilderness.
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