Everything starts with your flight from from Reykjavík to Ilulissat. After you’ve settled in, the first afternoon begins with a visit to the town and a short walk to the the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Ilulissat Icefjord. 

The next three days are devoted to your Eqi adventure, sailing up to the Eqip Sermia glacier (one of the most fastest calving glaciers in the world), and the fantastic Eqi glacier lodge, which faces the floating edge of the glacier. In Eqi, you can either hike to the glacier, up its icecap, or just enjoy the magnificent views in the area. 

After returning to Ilulissat you'll have a day to go on a whale watching tour and a day for hiking along the ice filled Kangia fjord (Ilulissat Icefjord). A free day in Ilulissat gives the opportunity to visit the very interesting museum of Ilulissat or to take on additional optional tours like a sightseeing by plane to see the UNESCO area from above, go on a guided town walk and learn more about the history and life in this charming town or visit a small Inuit village before flying back to Reykjavík.This is a self guided tour allowing you to enjoy the freedom of travelling on your own while we take care of your hectic travel plans. We arranged transfers and accommodations just for you! Plus, you get a day-to-day itinerary, maps and a detailed road book where we'll even throw in some great tips that only our certified professional guides know! Read more or book Save article to favorites