Get a taste of the traditional Inuit hunter’s life, see the pioneering spirit in the colorful houses and the friendly villagers, and meet the famous howling sled dogs that you’ve heard about. This trek lasts 10 days and will expose you to the raw beauty of Greenland and its people. Behold the unforgettable landscape as you hike by high peaks and ice-filled fjords and sail among spectacular icebergs. Immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness of this country and you will see that life is everywhere, whether it’s birds in the sky, whales coming up for air, or the Inuit people welcoming you to their village with open arms.

Between alpine like peaks and spires, surrounded by ocean that is frozen more than half of the year, lies one of the most isolated inhabited region of the planet. The people as they refer to themselves, survived through ages by seal hunting and fishing. These are the Inuit of the Ammassalik region. This fantastic trekking trip takes us to 3 of their highly isolated villages and to a mountain hut in the most incredible ice fjord. Mountains, icebergs, huge glaciers and rivers form the landscape. Add to that small colorful houses, friendly people, howling sled dogs, smiling kids and a pioneering spirit. This is an unforgettable tour for those who seek a different and unique experience and a true outdoor adventure, but prefer inside accommodation to camping in this wild and fascinating nature.

Total distance: 170 kilometers (105 miles)
Altitude: 50 – 100 meters (165 - 3600 feet)

Maximum ascent: 500 meters (1600 feet)Included: Guide, food for 10 days (from lunch day 1 to lunch day 10), boat transfers, accommodation in basic hut/hostel/guesthouse.
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