The deep fjords of East Greenland are extraordinary. Deep blue-green sea, steep granite mountains with sharp peaks, lush arctic vegetation around creeks, lakes and ice. Lots of ice! The Sermilik fjord, or the Ice fjord in the local’s language, certainly lives up to its name, it is full of icebergs of all sizes. Several glaciers calve into the fjord and one of them, the Helheim glacier, is thought to be one of the fastest moving glaciers in the world. On the other side of the fjord, one can see the edge of the massif Greenland ice cap, the world’s second biggest ice field. On this tour, we trek from the Qinnertivaq fjord over to the Sermilik fjord and over to the tiny hunters village Tiniteqilaaq. We will pass by a number of impressive alpine granite mountains, try to catch some trout in the sea, enjoy the stillness and quiet, admire the icebergs, tell stories and listen to stories. A unique adventure in breathtaking nature. Read more or book Save article to favorites