Explore Greenland off the beaten track on this new tour. The tour combines the most popular attractions in Greenland with two unique and unspoiled places in Northern Greenland. You will not find a more varied tour combining nature, culture and history in this way.

If you are an active and curious traveller, you should consider this tour. You will experience nature that is so impressive you will not believe your own eyes. We will be sailing, hiking, driving ATVs and even go glacier hiking through unspoiled areas.

We will take you to areas of unique natural beauty, where even the most experienced Greenland travellers dream of going. Along the way, we will be staying at hotels and lodges on premium locations that will satisfy every enjoyer of life.

Some highlights of the tour:

- The Ice Cap near Kangerlussuaq
- The whale capital, Qasigiannquit
- A room with a view of the icebergs at Ilimanaq Lodge
- The world-famous Ilulissat Icefjord
- The secret Tasiusaq fjord and glacier hike Read more or book Save article to favorites