NEW! On this tour you will get the opportunity to visit the newly built cabins at Ilimanaq Lodge, situated with a fantastic view just south of the Icefjord.

The Disco Island is the biggest island in Greenland and offers a spectacular terrain with tall basalt hills and vegetation, which is not found any other place in Greenland. Ilulissat is world-famous for Kangia, the most productive glacier in the Northern hemisphere. We explore both on this active tour in the heart of the Disco Bay in Greenland.

The journey starts in Kangerlussuaq, where you will take a tour to the inland ice with a special build vehicle. You will even get to stand on the ice! The journey continues to Qeqertarsuaq on the Disco Island, and as you approach you will see the beautiful basalt hills in the horizon. The surrounding area is one of the bowhead whale´s preferable habitats, so it is a good idea to have your camera and binoculars with you.

You will spend 4 days on the island, where you can take some lovely hikes and visit the settlement; Kangerluk. After 4 days filled with wonderful experiences you will continue the journey to Ilulissat. Here you will get close to ice in all its levels, as you sail among the icebergs in one of nature´s own parks, the UNESCO world heritage. Read more or book Save article to favorites