Greenland Outdoors is a new tour agency with a team of experienced guides. The company specialises in bespoke outdoor activities and tours focussing on the natural landscape, culture and history of Greenland.

On a 7 hour day tour around Kangerlussuaq or a 10 day tour all the way to the Ice Cap – you will experience the real nature, culture and history of the Arctic wilderness.

Climbing and mountaineering
Go extreme with us and experience a 23 day tour where we are immersed into nature and live of the land.

On a calm lake for a day tour or on the 170 km long and breathtaking fjord, we explore the nature in our one man kayaks.

Inuit culture
The areas we travel through have been Inuit hunting grounds for centuries, and from time to time we find new and undiscovered ruins from the past.

The Ice Cap
We hike to the Ice Cap at a place rarely visited by man – at the Ice Berg Lake of Iluliartoq we see, hear and feel the vast Ice Cap as it calves ice bergs into the remote lake.

The arctic wildlife is a natural part of all our tours as we travel through landscapes with musk oxen, caribous, arctic fox, snow hares as well as many birds, the biggest the majestic eagle.