Nature is ever-present and always impressively beautiful on this trip from south to north in the Disko Bay. At sea, majestic icebergs drift past and with a little luck we will see the spout of a humpback whale break the surface of the sea. On land, we will find plenty of hiking options in the mountains. The grandeur of the landscape is overwhelming and can be difficult to comprehend fully. When we go ashore we step right into Greenlandic everyday life among colourful wooden houses with sled dogs, a visit at the local grocer’s shop and Sunday service with Greenlandic choir singing. In Ilulissat, culture can be experienced both at the town square where the day’s catch of Greenland halibut and seal is sold, but also at the town’s two interesting museums. All together these many possibilities provide a breathtaking adventure of Greenland. Read more or book Save article to favorites