This package is a cocktail that includes all of the highlights of South Greenland, ranging from stunning wilderness, boat trips on spectacular fjords, visits to historical sites and activities in modern towns and settlements. In Narsaq you will experience a modern, medium-sized town surrounded by ice. You will spend three nights in Igaliku – the most beautiful village in Greenland – with some of the best hiking opportunities in the area. And you will stay at an isolated sheep farm nestled in an area of overwhelming natural beauty. Here you will enjoy the hospitality of a Greenlandic family. Read more and see also other packages: South Greenland 3 days South Greenland 4 days South Greenland 5 days Round trip 6 days - Narsaq or Qaqortoq Fishing 6 days Easy hiking 8 days Towns & settlements 8 days Backpacking & hiking 13 days Read more or book Save article to favorites