A real backpacking trip where you get off the beaten track! You experience life at two different sheep farms, two settlements and the town Narsaq. From all of these places the hiking possibilities are the best you can find in Greenland and the ice is present all the time – glaciers, icebergs and the amazing ice cap on the horizon! The package only includes accommodation and boat transfers, but from Narsaq and Narsarsuaq you can buy extra tours as boat cruises or a day trip to the town Qaqortoq. Read more and see also other packages: South Greenland 3 days South Greenland 4 days South Greenland 5 days Round trip 6 days - Narsaq or Qaqortoq Easy hiking 8 days Towns & settlements 8 days Round trip & hiking 10 days Read more or book Save article to favorites