In Narsarsuaq and Narsaq 
Blue Ice Explorer has specialised in tailor-made package tours for individuals and for groups. Regardless of which trips you choose, you also get an insight into how life is – and was – lived in towns and settlements.
Contact Blue Ice Explorer if you have particular wishes and would like to experience a sheep-breeding farm or another traditional Greenlandic home and hear more about everyday life and the challenges it brings.

In Qassiarsuk
Blue Ice Explorer organises kaffemiks with sheep farming families in Qassiarsuk. Kaffemiks are traditional social occasions where Greenlanders open their homes to guests and invite them in for tea, coffee and cakes. Meet sheep farmers who live today on exactly the same land which Erik the Red and his people settled over 1,000 years ago. Learn about life in this little southern Greenland community and find out how sheep farming is done today.

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