The base package has a duration of 11 days, and starts just north of the Arctic Circle in Kangerlussuaq, with lots of wildlife, arctic tundra and not least the inland ice cap. From hereon you will fly further north to Diskobay/Ilulissat, where you will experience the famous icefiord and the UNESCO world heritage site. Before being picked up by boat and leaving for Ilulissat you will have the option to hike to the settlement of Oqaasut, with its authentic Greenlandic atmosphere. Day 1: Flight from Cph to Kangerlussuaq - day on your own Day 2: Day tour to the Ice Cap Day 3: Tundra and mosk oxen hike Day 4: Flight to Ilulissat Day 5: Hike to Sermermiut and Kangia UNESCO National Park Day 6: Midnight sailing at the Icefiord Day 7: Ilulissat – boat Transfer til Oqaatsut settlement Day 8: Oqaatsut – explore the small settlement Day 9: Hike back to Ilulissat Day 10: Ilulissat on your own Day 11: Flight back to Denmark Read more or book Save article to favorites