In the company of Tour leader and biologist, Tina Jørgensen, you will collect observations of anything from wildlife in the tundra around Kangerlussuaq to glaciers and icebergs at Ilulissat and the magnificent Disko Bay. With all our senses awake we will perform registrations as “citizen scientist” of wildlife and climate, like counting whales and muskoxen as well as photo documenting glaciers and icebergs. Based on your observations you will contribute to ongoing research projects, as well as do benefit to the climate and environment. This is a trip that will increase your passion for nature and give you a deeper knowledge about wildlife and climate.

Day 1: Arrival in Kangerlussuaq + tundra camp
Day 2: Explore the tundra – back to Kangerlussuaq
Day 3: Sleep at Camp Ice Cap at the Greenland Ice Sheet
Day 4: Explore the Ice Sheet
Day 5: Fly to Ilulissat; cultural city walk
Day 6: Hike to Sermemiut Valley and Kangia Icefjord + midnight cruise
Day 7: Boat to Disko Island; and if we are lucky; whales!
Day 8: Arctic Research Station and maybe Lyngmarks Glacier
Day 9: Free time and Boat to Ilulissat 
Day 10: Ilulissat - free day
Day 11: Eqi the calving glacier - sleep at huts
Day 12: Eqi - walk to old morraine - boat back to Ilulissat
Day 13: Return flight; arrival Copenhagen 08:00pm
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