Albatros Arctic Circle is a locally based company which organises trips to Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. The extensive tour programme features the ice cap, musk oxen, whales, abandoned settlements, dog sledding, hiking tours to ancient landscapes, and a lot more besides.

Dog sledding 
On a 4-hour dog sled tour you will get a good impression of Kangerlussuaq’s unique wilderness and wildlife.

Guided sightseeing
Visit the old American airbase and many other places in an area which has a very special and unique history.

Experience the Northern Lights
Kangerlussuaq is one of the best places to see the flickering Northern Lights on a dark evening.

The ice cap
Walk, drive, cycle or fly to the northern hemisphere’s largest ice cap and come face to face with the gigantic wall of the glacier.

Discover the diverse wildlife that Greenland has to offer. Go out in search of musk oxen, see the reindeer and a large variety of birdlife.

Tourist flights
Spread your wings and see Kangerlussuaq, glaciers, waterfalls and the gigantic ice cap from the air.

Ice fishing
Fresh fish will never taste the same once you have pulled a halibut from the depths of the sea