No trains and roads between the towns

There are no roads between the towns in Greenland and all transportation is conducted with airplane or ship. The Arctic climate can sometimes be quite extreme, which places big demands on the security during the transportation.

These requirements are fully fulfilled by the Greenlandic transport companies. For shorter distances, one can take approved boats or ships for sailing tours or as transportation between towns or villages.

Transport with aircrafts

Air Greenland, the airline company of Greenland, handles a great part of the transportation of passengers with its four-engine Dash-7 airplanes, two-engine Dash 8-200 and different types of helicopters. Helicopters especially serve the towns in South GreenlandNorth and East Greenland, as well as the small villages.

The Dash-7 can carry up to 50 passengers and will typically fly in a height of 4-5 km, which gives the passengers a fantastic view over the ice sheet and glaciers. The Dash 8 design has better cruise performance than the Dash 7, but the aircrafts takes less passengers than the Dash 7.

Transportation with ship

Sailing is another common means of transportation in Greenland. The passenger ship Sarfaq Ittuk from Arctic Umiaq Line is in service from April to December between Qaqortoq in South Greenland and Ilulissat in North Greenland. In the summer season it is a good idea to book tickets well in advance.

For more information about sailing tours contact the local tourist office.

The North Greenland shipping company, Disko Line, operates in the entire Disko Bay area with many small ships.

Ticket bookings can be made via

In South Greenland, Blue Ice Explorer sails with four different boats. They sail between Narsarsuaq, Narsaq and Qaqortoq in the summer season. Ticket bookings can be made via

Always be sure to only use passenger-approved boats and ships - both for your own safety and to abide by the law.


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