FAQ 1: I would love to visit your beautiful country. Can you please help me realise my dream of going to Greenland?

(Answer applies to all unspecified destination-questions)

1. Yes! Greenland is geographically very big, so we suggest you have a look at our how to get started and have a look at the different destinations and activities to do. That’s a good start. Once you get a more specific picture of where you want to go, what time of year and what you want to do, you can contact your local travel specialist or choose a provider in the town you wish to visit here.

2. Please note that Visit Greenland is the national tourist board of Greenland: a non-profit corporation under the self-government of Greenland. We are not a tourist bureau and you cannot book your flights or tours at Visit Greenland, but here are places you can. We refer to local providers on our web page. Furthermore you can send travel requests to Greenland specialists here.


FAQ 2: I want to go to [ insert town name ]. Can I go [ insert activity ] there?

1. We get many questions on specific activity inquiries. We have articles on each town here with links to the activity information for the specific town. Each destination-page on the website has related providers at the bottom you can contact for more information and booking.


FAQ 3: I plan to hike in Greenland. Do you have any hiking tips for me?

1. When hiking keep the basic precautions in mind.

2. Unfortunately we do not sell hiking maps at the National Tourist Board, but to obtain hiking maps for Greenland, we will advise you to contact your local bookstore. You can also purchase maps online here.

3. You can purchase gas canisters and cartridges of butane at the local stores  Pileruisoq/Pisiffik or the gas stations called Polaroil in every town and village in Greenland.

4. You are allowed to camp in any site in Greenland as long as you are not camping right next to houses. Please respect the privacy of the locals. The only exception to this are protected areas, such as Taseralik in Ilulissat. 

5. You can drink the water from flowing rivers while hiking in the nature. You don’t need purifiers to drink the water, as long as the waters are connected to a flowing river. For example, do not drink from a closed small lake.


FAQ 4: Should I be worried about polar bears and if so, is it possible to rent rifles for protection?

1. One should always be cautious. Talk to the locals from where your hike starts. If a polar bear has recently been spotted, they would know. It is unlikely that you will see a polar bear but chances of encountering polar bears are more likely in the remote places of north and/or east Greenland. For summer hikers: there will still be ice floes coming from the North Pole, and polar bears tend to travel along the coast line following these.

2. Destination East Greenland does rent out rifles. Contact them here.

3. Guidelines for Encounters with - /and Observation of Polar Bears from the Ministry of Fisheries, Hunting and Agriculture 

FAQ 5: I want more information on Greenland. Can you please send brochures to… ?

1. All of our information is online, and we no longer make brochures. Please have a look around our website and/or our articles, where we put all information we have on tourism in Greenland - use our search function if you are looking for something but cannot find it. Your nearest travel specialist might also have some brochures. 


FAQ 6: Do I need a visa and passport when traveling to Greenland?

1. Practical travel information such as these can be found under practical travel information - “You do not need a visa as a Dane, but if you come from a country from which a visa is required to enter Denmark, it should be noted that you are travelling on to Greenland. Remember to take your passport with you, as security regulations may require that you provide proof of identity both upon arrival and on departure”.

2. If you found this answer helpful, you might find the rest on this list helpful too. Here you find information about currency, hospitals and much more. 

3. To apply for a visa to Greenland you have to contact the Danish immigration service at Ny i Danmark or your local Danish embassy.


FAQ 7: I’ve heard there are many mosquitoes in Greenland. Is this true?

1. There are mosquitoes and midges (small black flies) in the summer months, approximately from June to August. When the first night frost appears they disappear. Greenland’s coast is big, and the night frost happens sooner some places than others depending on where you are. We advise visitors to bring mosquito nets, repellant and after-bite, or buy it upon arrival. These can be bought several places in the towns.


FAQ 8: I would love to work or volunteer at the national park. Can you help me?

1. The National Park in Greenland is a park which is larger than any other national park in the world. However, due to its size and relative inaccessibility it is not a national park in the traditional sense. Apart from the personnel at a couple of meteorological stations and the Danish Armed Forces surveillance unit, the elite Sirius Patrol, no people live in the area. In order to travel and stay in the National Park, visitors must have a permit from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, Nature and Environment, which normally are scientific surveys and expeditions to the region. As it is wildlife it does not have a working volunteer program for the animals. 

As a tourist however, this national park can be visited. The closest inhabited place to the National Park is Ittoqqortoormiit, a town of 381 persons (2016, Statistics Greenland). Search for and contact the providers in Ittoqqortoormiit here. If you are taking part in an organised tourist trip such as a cruise, then the organisers will already have secured the necessary permits.


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