It is not every town in Greenland that can boast its own guardian from the animal kingdom. But Paamiut can. The white-tailed eagle, called Nattoralik in Greenlandic, is plentiful in Paamiut, and the townspeople feel a strong connection with it. Youth often name their football or handball teams Nattoralik, and so the eagle is like the Paamiut mascot. Come to Paamiut to spot eagles and wildlife; good luck is said to come to anyone who sets eyes on this king of the sky.

Just like the eagle, Paamiut stands independently as a distinct town. It is known for its mysterious yet comforting foggy weather and a pleasant mix of old and new culture at the cusp of great nature. Tour the old neighborhood to observe picturesque buildings and see where women turned thousands of tiny beads and pieces of sealskin into extraordinary national costumes, still worn today. To hear about daily life from the Paamiut perspective, nothing beats a casual conversation with locals around town. Just a bit of openness and a friendly smile goes a long way, and you might even score yourself an invitation to kaffemik!

Come to Paamiut to spot eagles and wildlife; good luck is said to come to anyone who sets eyes on this king of the sky.

“I had a nice experience in Paamiut. I met a little boy and he gave me a krone. I didn’t know why, but I said, ‘Thank you!’ I looked at it – the date was the year of my birth!”


Aside from the great eagle population, the nature in Paamiut also soars. In winter, an uncanny amount of snow makes the Paamiut backcountry a snow sport lover’s dream! Whether randonnée skiing or cross-country skiing is your passion, there is enough untouched mountainside for everyone to have his own piece of Greenland.

In summertime, the snow recedes revealing hiking trails that are trodden ever so slightly. Aim for the mountain peaks to feel like an explorer standing on the top of the world or traverse many kilometers of trails inland, stopping along the way to pick the angelica that grows wildly on the hillside.

As with everywhere in Greenland, sailing is a summertime favorite in Paamiut. Sail around the fjord to old villages where cabins still stand, or head into nearby Sermilik Fjord to see glaciers that flow directly from the Greenland Ice Sheet.


Paamiut is the well-kept secret of the Capital Region. While the bigger towns are for tourists who prefer itineraries filled with all the famous sights, Paamiut naturally attracts the travelers who want to go off the beaten path and gain a different perspective than the rest.

 Paamiut locals of all ages are incredibly welcoming and are quick to make friends. We can usually spot the travelers as soon as they arrive, so don’t be surprised if you are quickly taken under someone’s wing. Local residents take great pride in the town and are keen to share all the good spots in Paamiut. 



  • Paamiut was founded in 1742 and has about 1,500 residents.

  • The town’s name means "the people who live at the mouth”, a reference to its location at the mouth of the Kuannersooq Fjord.

  • Paamiut is an especially good place to spot white-tailed eagles.

  • Paamiut is known for its church with beautiful and distinctive architecture.



  • The phone number to the Hospital in Paamiut is: (+299) 68 45 34
  • The phone number to the local police is: (+299) 68 12 22
  • There is 1 hotel in Paamiut called Hotel Ivaana.

  • The Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ferry docks in Paamiut twice weekly, first heading south and second heading north.

  • Paamiut has a convenience store and supermarket.
  • For Paamiut Taxi call +299 25 53 63.


Sightseeing in Paamiut is about appreciating the beauty in simple experiences. Guide yourself to the church that is like a work of art and imagine what it takes to build such a wooden structure in a country with no trees. Or stop along the colorful bridge in the center of town to listen to the babbling river beneath. If you close your eyes, you can nearly see people washing clothes along the bank, like in the old days.