Greenland’s capital Nuuk is a city of vitality, surrounded by immense nature and filled with vibrant Greenlanders leading fascinating lives of old traditions, modern twists, and diverse influences.

Home to gourmet restaurants, fashion boutiques, and the Northern Lights inspired Katuaq Cultural Center, Nuuk is the center of modern Greenland. However, a stroll through the picturesque Old Harbor shows that history and traditions remain strong in this growing city.

 “I really like Nuuk. We came to this big place and it is like a cultural Copenhagen with lots of offers. I was quite surprised!”

“I was surprised at how cosmopolitan Nuuk is! I was surprised at the availability of so many different kinds of things and the quality of everything. It was nice!”


Nuuk is full of experiences not found anywhere else in Greenland. Marvel at mummies in the Greenland National Museum. Try a tasting flight of local craft beers at Greenland’s largest microbrewery. Learn about urban arctic living and the move toward Greenlandic independence with a city and parliament tour. Evaluate new and old expressions of Inuit culture at the Nuuk Art Museum. Play collegiate at Greenland University and see students preparing as Greenland’s future leaders.




The dining and shopping scene in Nuuk is the most diverse in the country, a veritable melting pot of original Greenlandic character with fresh global influence.

Stroll the pedestrian walkway in city center to window-shop at boutiques, souvenir shops, and Nuuk Center. Relax with a cup of strong coffee (and the obligatory piece of cake) in one of the city’s many bustling cafés. And make reservations at one of Nuuk’s fine dining restaurants where the only thing that rivals the intense flavors of Greenlandic delicacies is the chef’s artistic presentation.

You can also rent a bike in the sports-shop Pikkori Sport that is located in the centre, and bike around the city.

  • Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, was founded in 1728 by the missionary Hans Egede.

  • Nuuk has approximately 16,800 residents.
  • There are two hotels in Nuuk – Hotel Hans Egede with a new conference center with seating for 300 and Hotel Nordbo. There is also a Seamen’s Home and a number of small accommodations.



Nuuk Fjord is sometimes overlooked in favor of its icier neighbors to the north, but this intricate water system is the second largest in the world, packed with inlets and islands open for exploration by boat or kayak.

Local boat trip operators provide access to this vast backcountry with a small settlement and huts offering the opportunity to stay and explore. Along the way, refreshing waterfalls and probable summer sightings of faithful humpback whales keep eyes and cameras entertained.

The solitude and scenery provide a perfect backdrop for hiking, angling for Arctic char, hunting or kayaking. The deep waters of the fjord teem with flavorful cod and redfish, delivering a bounty for both fishing and eating. Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, the Narsap Sermia glacier flows directly into the fjord filling the headwaters with the sought-after icebergs, afterall.

  • Nuuk has an international airport with year-round direct flights from Iceland, via Air Greenland and Air Iceland. Air Greenland operates domestic flights from Nuuk to every region of the country.

  • The Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ferry docks in Nuuk twice weekly, once headed south and once headed north.

When you arrive in Nuuk

When you arrive at Nuuk International Airport, you will be happy to know that it's definitely NOT as hectic an experience as landing in London, Paris or New York. And it's pretty chilled getting from the airport into town too!