Enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

With so many cultural experiences at your fingertips in Greenland, which ones are right for you?

That depends on what type of traveler you are! Here are a few food-for-thought questions to inspire you as you dream about and plan your holiday in Greenland.

Give your Culturally Inquisitive Heart a Home in Greenland

Greenland is full of cultural opportunities for you to choose from. You can experience everything from visiting local museums and souvenir shopping to dog sledding tours with a fisherman.

Of course, each traveler has his own wishes and comfort zone, so an experience that sounds just perfect to the Authenticity Seeker might sound like entirely too much for the Culture Appreciator. It is important that you find the right experience for you in Greenland so that you enjoy your holiday to the fullest!

“I came to Greenland to see REAL life - tough traditions and taboos that are far away from all the crazy things that so-called 'high civilization' brings to people." - Authenticity Seeker

Ask Yourself

Which traveler type might you be? To find out, start by asking yourself these few questions and choosing the answer that best describes you as a traveler.

1. When I think about an accommodation for my holiday, I typically look for:

  • A. a place that gets me as close to the locals as possible. Homestays or AirBnB rooms are perfect so I can see the local way of life and have casual conversations over dinner or coffee with my hosts.
  • B. a variety of places that give me an overview of the destination. Hopping from a hotel to a night or two in a coastal ferry cabin to a guesthouse on a sheep farm - they all sound good to me!
  • C. a nice hotel with delicious food and quality services. I want to come home to the prime treatment after a day of exploring.

2. The proposal of a fixed itineraries makes me feel:

  • A. confined. If my holiday is too planned I am afraid I might miss an opportunity that pops up. I prefer to make my own adventures.
  • B. interested to hear more. I like to see the tour companies’ suggestions as inspiration, but also like to make my own activity selections.
  • C. very comfortable. I like to know that my holiday is organized and taken care of by someone else’s good hands.


3. In my opinion, the best guide is:

  • A. Not an official guide at all, but rather a local I meet in passing who can tell me stories or information that I will never find on the Internet or in a guide book.
  • B. Someone who can tell me the practical information about the destination with a bit of personal flair.
  • C. Someone who is professionally trained to lead tours and to teach tourists everything about the destination.

“The first thing I want to do when I get to any place is get into people’s houses! I want to sit and have a cup of tea with them and have food. That is what I love more than anything else!” - Ethnophile

Authenticity Seeker & Ethnophile

If you answered mostly A’s, then you are an Authenticity Seeker or Ethnophile at heart. You are a free spirit who immerses himself in organically evolving experiences, steps outside the box, and aims to uncover the hidden stories, which involves close interactions with the local people by default.

Whereas the Authenticity Seeker searches for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow - an idyllic “untouched” community - the Ethnophile happily accepts communities that mix traditions with modern identity.

In Greenland, meeting Greenlanders and living amongst Inuit culture call your name. To get as close as possible to the traditional Greenlandic way of life, take boat tours to nearby small villages. Otherwise, dog sledding is a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the thread that links the old ways of subsistence hunting and fishing to the new culture of tourism.

Culture Lover

If you answered mostly B’s, then you are a Culture Lover. You are like a sponge when it comes to experiencing a destination and are eager to absorb knowledge about the destination’s people and culture through any opportunity possible, be it tasting local cuisine or sightseeing with a guide.

In Greenland, eat your way through the menus of Greenlandic gastronomy while connecting the dots of where the ingredients hail from. Or take a few nights’ sail on the coastal ferry to experience the same aquatic highway that locals use to traverse the west coast of Greenland.

“We are really looking forward to the church service on Sunday because it is interesting and exciting to hear the marvelous women’s choir!” - Culture Lover

“This Greenland trip was my dream because I have been following the Icelandic sagas. I am fascinated with history, so i wanted to see the ruins from the Viking age.” - Culture Appreciator

Culture Appreciator

If you answered mostly C’s, then you are a Culture Appreciator. You enjoy learning about a destination’s culture, specifically its history, from trusted sources and organized events like cultural exhibits and performances.

In Greenland, no matter what town you are in, you can visit the local museum to learn about the connection between Inuit culture and Norse history. Do guided sightseeing afterward to see the same sites you saw in the old photographs, and finish the day with a bit of souvenir shopping so you can take memories of your Greenland holiday home with you forever.

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