1. “What are your camping plans this summer?”

Glenn Mattsing

This photo was taken by Glenn Mattsing. It was a photoshoot gimmick made by kayaking experts. We strongly encourage people not to do this 'at home' or in Greenland!


2. "Early morning in Uummannaq"

Rayann Elzein

This photo was taken by Rayann Elzein in Uummannaq, North Greenland. “The sun is rising far behind the mountains, and the view from the guest-house's balcony is simply breathtaking. Look at all these icebergs, most of them bigger than entire houses!” - @rezphotography


3. “Rush hour on Main Street in Nuuk”

Sarah Woodall

This photo was taken from our very own Sarah Woodall that shows the afternoon rush hour we have in the smallest capital in the world, Nuuk. “Tick tock it's 4 o'clock (16.00) and the work day is over! That means "rush hour" on Main Street GL with our 3 stoplights in all the city. Just kidding, it's not called Main Street but rather Aqqusinersuaq, which does, in fact, mean "the big road" In Greenlandic. (Bet you thought I would say 'Just kidding we have more than 3 stoplights'.” - @polarphile


4. “Ilimanaq Lodge Cabins”

Gustav Thuesen

This photo was taken by Gustav Thuesen for Ilimanaq Lodge. Ilimanaq Lodge lies in a small settlement, Ilimanaq, south of Ilulissat in North Greenland. “From summer 2017 we welcome our guests to enjoy their stay at one of our comfortable lodge cabins, situated with a great view of the icebergs in Disco Bay Photo by @gustavthuesen” - @ilimanaqlodge


5. “Subsurface, subzero”

Paul Zizka

This photo was taken by Paul Zizka on the Greenland Ice Sheet near Kangerlussuaq. “Subsurface, subzero. An underwater view of our camp on the Greenlandic ice sheet. The ice features "growing" under the frozen surface of the lake were incredible.” - @paulzizkaphoto


6. “Super moon in East Greenland”

Luis Solano Pochet

This photo was taken by Luis Solano Pochet near Ittoqqortoormiit in East Greenland.. “¡Happy Supermoon Day! Stunning moonrise over Greenland” - @tothewonderblog


7. “Whale in front of symmetric iceberg”

Paul Zizka

This photo of a whale in front of the iceberg was taken by Paul Zizka near Ilulissat in North Greenland. “A moment of pure magic witnessed during my recent trip to breathtaking Greenland. This landscape never ceases to amaze me!” - @paulzizkaphoto


8. “Tasermiut Fjord in South Greenland”

Max Rive

This photo was taken by Max Rive in Tasermiut fjord, South Greenland. “A great view over a 40km long fjord in Southern-Greenland with a glacier lagoon below me. It was only 10 years ago that the glacier (which is outside the photo on the left) reached all the way to the fjord.” - @maxrivephotography


9. “Boat between a huge iceberg”

Daniel Kordan

This photo of a boat between two towers of iceberg was taken by Daniel Kordan in Disco Bay, North Greenland. "This is a panorama I took during West Greenland expedition a year ago. Disko bay offers the most amazing icebergs in the world! They sail off the Kangia glacier, that produces so much icebergs, so one of them even considered to bump into titanic. For the sense of scale I have included our yacht Peter the Great in the shot.

Can you spot it out?

The blue water means that these 2 icebergs are connected together. It is the ice which gives the color. If we see only 10% of the iceberg part, imagine how insanely huge should be the other underwater 90%!" - @danielkordan



10. “Wonderful warm morning in South Greenland

Daniel Kordan

This photo was taken in Tasermiut Fjord near Nanortalik in South Greenland by Daniel Kordan. “Wonderful warm morning in South Greenland. September is the month when infinite tundra turns into colorful carpet. South of the Greenland is the only place where you can find natural forest! Mainly birch trees and arctic willows, but after icebergs and glaciers it was a true surprise to hike in Greenlandic forest.” - @danielkordan


We are looking forward to see your pictures in 2017! Use #GreenlandPioneer and #ColourfulNuuk to share your pictures and stories with us and get a chance to be featured!