Is it the Gulf of Mexico? Tenerife? Nope. It is Ilimanaq in North Greenland. Only the icebergs give away that this luxurious and private Ilimanaq Lodge is, in fact, in the Arctic.



While other travellers are flooding the nearby tourism hub, Ilulissat, by the planeful, you will quickly wave goodbye to them as you sail 15 minutes toward secluded paradise.

"Sail 15 minutes toward this secluded paradise."

"You will meet the locals in the small historic museum, the restaurant and even to lunch in a private home, if you wish."


Phone off. Feet up. This is what you have been waiting for.


It is tempting to stay out on the terrace all night what with the stunning view, midnight sun and occasional whale friend, but luckily you get the same panorama from the loft bedroom furnished in a Greenlandic-Nordic fusion style.



Unlike its wilderness-based counterpart, Glacier Lodge Eqi, this exclusive lodge makes you neighbors with the 50-some Greenlandic residents of this small settlement, Ilimanaq, most of whom have been in on the project since the beginning.


When you do decide to pop your head out of your cosy bungalow, you will meet them in the small historic museum, the restaurant and even to lunch in a private home, if you wish.

About the Ilimanaq Lodge

  • Ilimanaq Lodge is reached by boat transport from Ilulissat, provided by World of Greenland. Transport price is not included in the nightly rate.
  • Ilulissat has an international airport which can be reached by an Air Greenland flight directly from Reykjavík, Iceland, among others.
  • The grand opening is summer 2017.
  • Ilimanaq Lodge has 15 private huts, with a capacity of 2 persons per hut.
  • Each hut is equipped with electricity, heating and running water. There are no cooking facilities.
  • Excursions from the lodge include a town walk, eat lunch at a local home, hiking, and sailing.
  • Read all about the Ilimanaq Lodge experience at