Enjoy the crisp outdoors, then get cosy by the fireplace

In the North of Greenland, the days are short, and life is quiet and peaceful. When describing this picture it was said that even though it is minus 20 degrees Celsius outside, you can always look forward to going inside to houses warmed up by fireplaces. This photo is taken by 22-year-old Ole Olsvig in Upernavik.

Enjoy trees in December

The festive season at the end of the year is the only time that you will see trees magically pop up in Greenlandic towns (remember, we don’t really have that many trees). The lighting of the Christmas trees always occurs on the First Advent Sunday. This is the local gathering in Sisimiut.

Image: Ólafur Rafnar Ólafsson

Wait for Santa to make his creative entrance

Santa always makes an entrance on the First Advent Sunday, arriving sometimes by helicopter, dog sled, or this time, even a crane!

Nuuk, Photo by @sirryrikhards

Put up Christmas stars

As the nights become longer, it’s also the time to put up decorations and orange Christmas stars. These orange stars are a legacy of the Herrnhuters, a religious group from Germany who came in the 1730s some years after Hans Egede founded Nuuk.

Photo: Hanne Kirkegaard

‘Hygge’ at Christmas markets

Because of the small size of our population, there is not a Christmas market every day of December, but some towns do hold something during a weekend. Local arts and crafts are sold and you can also grab a coffee and light meal there like ‘reindeer con carne’. It’s worth taking a look if you are around and it’s extremely cosy, or ‘hyggelig’ as we like to say here!

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Photo: @polarphile


Want to see how Greenlanders enjoy Christmas and the wintertime? Check out the hashtag #howtohygge on Instagram!

Photo: Greenlandic family by Arctic Keramik

Have fun in winter

During the wintertime, gnomes of all sorts are everywhere - you might even meet some in real life! These are the actors from the National Theatre providing entertainment for small kids in Nuuk Center, the only shopping center in Greenland.

Photo: @fourthcontinent

Or when making igloos with the kids!

Photo: @trfrede

And of course, even adults love to play in the snow! We wish you a happy 2016!

Photo: Filip Gielda