Duration: Minimum 1 week - 102 miles

Season: June–September

Level of difficulty: Hard/Extreme

Hike through the infamous Arctic Circle Trail

The trip from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut is Greenland’s most famous and classic hike—from the Ice Sheet and all the way out to the coast.

The 103-mile (165 km) route is quite a demanding trail and is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. We can almost guarantee that experienced hikers will find this one of the most memorable and adventurous challenges available. 

Most hikers start their trip in Kangerlussuaq, near Greenland’s international airport.
An alternative point of departure is Sisimiut, about 25 minutes away by domestic flight. Between the two towns, there are nine cottages with overnight accommodation, but we usually recommend that people bring tents for maximum flexibility.

Trek to Palasip Qaqqaa (Priest Mountain or Præstefjeldet)

A hike up Palasip Qaqqaa will enchant your senses as you take in the beautiful verdant mountains, breathe the clear, clean air and drink the pure water.

The trail offers a trek up a lush, south-facing slope with staggering views of the town and surrounding areas. The hike takes place in lush green terrain with beautiful bushes, flowers and myriad shades of moss. On the way, we also encounter many small waterfalls where we can fill our water bottles with some of the purest spring water in the world.

The top of the mountain offers unbelievable vistas of the town and Kangerluarsuk Tulleq (First Fjord). The last couple of years have even offered sightings of muskoxen.


Duration: 2–3½ hours

Season: May–September

Level of difficulty: Medium

Duration: 4–6 hours

Season: June–September

Level of difficulty: Medium/Hard

Hike to Nasaasaaq (Kællingehætten or Old Woman’s Cap)

Nasaasaaq is the landmark of Sisimiut. The peak at an elevation of 2,572 feet (784 m) boasts breathtaking views of the town, the mountain landscape, the sea, the polar circle and the alpine Itilleq Mountains to the south.

At the end of the main street Aqqusinersuaq, you will see the waterworks, a couple of large blue buildings. Follow the gravel path that starts behind the red gate between the two buildings on the right. The gravel path leads down to a bridge over the stream between the two lakes that act as the town’s drinking water supply. From there, the trail divides into a medium-hard trail and a hard trail.