"When I look down at the water, the feeling is so strong that I could cry! Because you cannot explain how immense the nature is in Greenland with pictures. It is just so beautiful!”
- Globetrotter


Chop, chop, chop, CHOP, CHOP. The thumping pulse of a helicopter somewhere in the Arctic heavens is heard long before its source reveals itself. But then, a tiny dot on the horizon materializes into a small red bumblebee dwarfed against the surrounding mountains. Just a few minutes later, an Air Greenland helicopter is suddenly overhead and ready for graceful landing.

This is a familiar and comforting experience in Greenland because it means that transport throughout our vast country is running according to schedule, and that Greenlanders and Greenland Pioneers alike are reaching their destinations.


Helicopters are truly a lifeline in Greenland. Of up to 70 inhabited towns and settlements only 13 have airplane runways, leaving transportation to the vast majority of the country up to the fleet of helicopters that create a highway in the sky. Out in the settlements, the helistop is simply a flat area in the terrain, and luggage arrives by ATV or snowmobile. Adaptations like this are key to keeping Greenland connected.

In addition to commercial routes, Air Greenland also provides helicopter charter services in connection with mining exploration, documentary and movie filming, special interest photography, as well as for Search and Rescue missions, when needed.

With so much responsibility in Greenland, one can easily see why we proudly consider our helicopter pilots among the most amazing in the world.

"Nothing can top the helicopter ride! Seeing the ice from above gives you such a better idea of how vast it all really is. When you see it from the boat, you can’t see back as far and it skews how much ice exists.”

- Globetrotter


  • Air Greenland website:  www.airgreenland.com
  • Air Greenland helicopters fly at around 300-600 m / 1000-2000 ft, giving flightseers an extremely detailed view of Greenland below. Compare that with fixed-wing airplanes, which typically fly at an altitude of 7000 m / 23000 ft.
  • Air Greenland has twice as many helicopters than fixed-wing airplanes in its fleet.
  • Out of up to 70 inhabited places in Greenland, a whopping 80% are only accessible by helicopter.


An aerial perspective is the only one that gives a true sense of the scale in Greenland, and tourists often consider flightseeing as the highlight excursion. A town which can feel rather large when standing in city center suddenly reveals how small its footprint really is along the vast coastline.

And the media can rave about icebergs the size of Manhattan calving from a glacier, but you cannot imagine what that actually looks like until you see it with your own eyes.

Flightseeing via helicopter is also completely unique because you see details that you would otherwise miss from an airplane. Flying low and slow, Greenland’s spectacular natural features like glacial moulins and breathing holes in the sea ice made by seals seem to be right below your feet. There is even the possibility to make a U-turn and fly by an especially spectacular ice sculpture one more time!

Come fly with us for an unforgettable experience! We bid all of you, Tikilluaritsi! Welcome!