You don’t need to travel to the most northern and remote areas of Greenland to see northern lights – the magical Aurora Borealis. As soon as you arrive at the “Gateway to Greenland” Kangerlussuaq you will be met by the “shimmering green curtains” on a cold winter night.

Kangerlussuaq (Sonder Stromfiord) is the home of the largest airport in Greenland, and where the big airbus lands and departs on its way to and from Denmark. Most passengers choose to continue on their journey, while others spend time discovering what this erstwhile USA airbase has to offer. 

See northern lights – the magical Aurora Borealis.

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  • Extended weekends to Kangerlussuaq are on offer from January to April and from September to November. Northern lights are clearly visible from November to March. 

Create smart kids in Kangerlussuaq

Kangerlussuaq is a great place to be when you want to see northern lights in Greenland. The lights are visible as soon as the sun stops shining at midnight. In reality though, we usually have to get to around November before we can see them bright and clearly.

By the way, were you aware of that people, from some nations around the world, believe that a child will become exceptionally intelligent if that child is conceived under the shimmering flares of the Aurora Borealis?

See the light on an extended weekend

All you need is just an extended weekend in Kangerlussuaq to see the northern lights and experience all the other exciting attractions that Kangerlussuaq has to offer. Mr. M. Akale traveled to Kangerlussuaq in 2011 on a trip organized by Greenland Travel:


"My decision to travel to Greenland put me over the moon, it was such a fantastic experience! Kangerlussuaq has turned out to be one of the most memorable times of my life. Not a day has gone by where I have not in some way promoted this incredible journey to Greenland."

  • Greenland's national airline Air Greenland
  • They offers reduced prices on travel with an overnight stay in Kangerlussuaq – the perfect setting for a magical night under the northern lights.

The Ice Cap, musk oxen, and airbase history

Besides viewing the northern lights, Kangerlussuaq offers adventures near, and on, the inland ice. It is the only place in Greenland where you can drive all the way up to the ice. Adventure tours in the area around Kangerlussuaq will let you catch a glimpse of the impressive musk oxen. 

And a sightseeing tour of the town area will take you back to a time when Kangerlussuaq was an American airbase.