Dog sledges glide almost silently across the frozen lake right in the middle of the town. The silence, the sounds from the snow scooters and the howling sledge dogs melt together in a true, Greenlandic symphony.

As the rhythm guitar in this symphony, we have the Arctic Sounds music festival. This year it was held right after the world-famous ski race, the Arctic Circle Race, which is known as the world's toughest ski race.


  • Arctic Sounds focuses on the development of talent across the Nordic region

  • The week before the festival begins, a number of workshops are held for Greenlandic and international artists

  • This year, almost 80 artists from ten different countries participated.


The energy culminates in Arctic Sounds

In Sisimiut, this time of the year is something quite special. For many locals, this period is the reason why they have chosen to live their lives in Sisimuit. The winter with its dark and bitter cold lets go of its grip. Ice and snow still cover the landscape like a duvet, but the power of the sun gets stronger and stronger for every day that passes.

In step with the growing warmth of the sun, and the energy in the town rising just as much, it is the perfect time for Arctic Sounds.

The music of Arctic Sounds is far from anything everyone can sing along to. The festival's focus is on cultivating upcoming talents from the entire Nordic region, while boosting the cultural understanding between the nations through the music.

Opening concert that sets the tone

At festivals around the world, there is an art to figuring out who will be performing the opening number. In Sisimiut, just the opposite was done. Instead, a selection of the very new songs were picked and presented as the first performances at the festival.

The audience were invited to get up close to the artists at an intimate concert where the new material was presented for the first time ever. Some of the songs were written a few days before, while a few were only completed in the back-stage room just before the concert commenced.

It was a special experience to get so close. During the concert there were mistakes, laughs and some artists had to start over again. But that seemed trivial when, as an audience, you are allowed to step into a universe that only song writers know.

"As an audience, you were allowed to step into a universe that only song writers know"


  • Artists and visitors used the free time in the festival programme to experience the adventures Sisimiut has to offer

  • They went on dog sledge rides, drove snow scooters and had a sailing trip on the sea

  • Some visitors at the festival had also taken their skis and snowboards along.


The perfect time to visit Sisimiut

It is a vibrant time to visit Sisimiut. It is a time when the locals wake up from a kind of winter hibernation. Arctic Circle Race, Arctic Sounds and this year as well, the first major Gay Pride Parade in Sisimiut. Altogether during the first week and a half in April.

If you like extreme sports and testing your own boundaries, or if you like cultural experiences, then this is the time to visit Sisimiut.

From Denmark, you can fly to the neighbouring settlement, Kangerlussuaq. From there, it takes only 30 minutes in a smaller aircraft to Sisimiut. The festival organisers are also working on getting a charter aircraft from Canada to Sisimiut for next year's festival.

Next year's Arctic Sounds will be on 6 - 9 April 2017

Keep an eye on next years programme on the festival website or the facebook page.