Flightseeing in Ilulissat

A bird’s eye view of Ilulissat’s towering castles of icebergs spread across the ocean certainly gives a different perspective. Frozen bodies of water still dominate Greenland’s cool landscape, even from the air!


I had the chance to take a helicopter trip one fine summer day in Ilulissat. The skies were blue, the sun was high in the sky, and there was no wind. There was no better day to take a Kangia Classic flightseeing adventure.


You will embark on your adventure from the local airport. Your pilot will greet you and the other passengers and introduce you to how a flightseeing tour works. Your flight will be louder and bumpier than in a bigger aircraft, but the panoramic vistas and flying at low altitudes will also help you to feel closer to your surroundings.


Check out this breathtaking video by Benjamin Hardman, who flew his drone over Ilulissat in the winter.


Land upon Ilulissat Glacier

Flightseeing is the only way you can get close to and even step foot upon the glacier in Ilulissat. Departing from the city, you will get aerial views of Ilulissat town. You will fly into the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the vague contours of a white glacier in the distance soon become a behemoth body of ice with lots of shape and texture. Fly over the tongue of the glacier, and if you’re lucky you might see a calving, otherwise known as the birth of an iceberg as it breaks off into the sea. Finally, you will land on the glacier and have some free time walking around exploring the ice up close and personal. This is a memory for the sketchbooks and one that will not be easily forgotten.


Air Greenland offers memorable flightseeing tours in Kangerlussuaq, Ilulissat and Nuuk.