Your equipment

(Anatomic) ____ kg

Top pocket
Medicine, camera, waterproof suit, mosquito net and -balm, leather grease, toilet paper.
Interior pocket/ below top pocket: wallet, health insurance or the like.

Main compartment
Goretex waterproof suit (or in the top pocket of the backpack) ____ kg
Trangia camp stove, plates, spoons etc. ____ kg
Matches, lighter and sponge ____ kg
Jumper ____ kg
Thermo jacket /waistcoat ____ kg
1 extra pair of pants and 1 shirt ____ kg
2 pairs of underwear ____ kg
2 pairs of socks (cotton/sweat absorbing) ____ kg
1-2 pairs of woollen socks (thick) ____ kg
1 towel ____ kg
Book, notebook and pencil ____ kg
A minimum of 0,7 litre alcohol/1 gas cylinder ____ kg
Food (see details on the next page) ____ kg
Pocketknife and toiletries (toothbrush etc.) ____ kg
Thermo pants or long johns ____ kg
Nylon rope ____ kg
Steel wire, super glue ____ kg
Flat-nose pliers/ wire cutter ____ kg
Gaffer tape ____ kg
Extra straps and thighteners for backpack____ kg
Sleeping bag (incl. cover)____ kg
Bandage, pain reliever, Tiger Balm, plaster for blisters ____ kg
Fishing gear, if necessary ____ kg

Attached to backpack
Water bottle (filled) ____ kg
Possibly a tent on the compressing straps of the backpack____ kg
Underlayment for sleeping bag ____ kg

Weight of backpack with attached items in total: ____ kg in total



Equipment in total

(a minimal of equipment for 2 people)

First aid kit (medicine, Tiger Balm, bandage, plaster for blisters.) ____ kg
Sunscreen, moisturiser ____ kg
Sewing kit ____ kg
Tent and accessories (tent pegs, underlayment, rubber mallet) ____ kg
Shampoo and soap____ kg
1 dishcloth ____ kg
Plastic bags ____ kg
Salt, sugar etc. ____ kg
20 meters of nylon rope ____ kg
Flashlight ____ kg
An extra compass and map (e.g. a copy) ____ kg
E.g. binoculars____ kg
Distress rockets (only use them if people can see them!) ____ kg

Weight pr. person: ____ kg


One week's food ration pr. person
8 freeze-dried dishes ____ kg
Bulgur/couscous ____ kg
Instant mashed potatoes ____ kg
Raisins, chocolate etc. ____ kg
0,8 kg oatmeal ____ kg
4 packets of tomato/mushroom soup ____ kg
4 packets of fruit soup ____ kg
4 loafs of bread, sea biscuits or homemade "dry bread" ____ kg
1 kg hot chocolate (for water) ____ kg
Coffee, thee ____ kg
Candy ____ kg
Various spices ____ kg

Weight of food in total: ____ kg


Weight of your backpack: ____ kg


Good to know

With regard to safety it is a good idea to inform the tourist office of your planned route before you hike in the fells. Then they will know where you are if an accident should occur.

The locals know the territory and the rescue service. Trust them for advice.

What else to bring?

First aid kit with medicine, plaster for blisters, sunscreen, and distress rockets as well as a whistle, knife, astro/rescue blanket, toilet paper and sewing kit - all mandatory things.

Mosquito net and mosquito repellent

A notebook and pencil might come in handy

Gaffer tape, steel wire and a small pair of pliers is useful if you need to repair something.

Nylon rope is also useful as a lifeline when wading

A pair of binoculars is nice to have around, but not a must and a mobile phone is practical if it can get a signal.

Fishing gear is good if it goes with the program of the hike.

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The locals know the territory and the rescue service.

Trust them for advice.