"The logistical solutions that work in the rest of the world do not necessarily work up here"

Multi-country international events happen all over the world on a daily basis, but when Nuuk hosted the Arctic Winter Games 2016 in early March, it was Greenlandic history in the making.


There once was a satirical cartoon depicting a bus from Qaanaaq to Nuuk. The humor laid in the fact that such a bus, covering nearly 1600 kilometres as the crow flies, simply does not exist in Greenland, and it probably never will. Today, there is not even one road connecting any two towns in the entire country. The logistical solutions that work in the rest of the world do not necessarily work up here.

So how do family and friends stay connected when thousands of kilometers, and in some cases the entire Greenland Ice Sheet, separate them?

  • Arctic Winter Games 2016 is a multi sports and cultural event for Arctic youth. It takes place every second year in a different Arctic destination.

  • There are 15 disciplines in the Arctic Winter Games including alpine skiing, ice hockey, snowshoeing, and traditional arctic sport.

  • Follow the Arctic Winter Games 2016 experience via #AWG2016.


Since 1960, Air Greenland has been the tie that binds Greenlanders to each other as well as the primary connector between the rest of the world and our Arctic island.

Despite extreme conditions like minimal light in winter and an infamous storm on the east coast with winds stronger than 200 km/h, Air Greenland manages to make the impossible possible. They work together to transport locals into the small settlements for 80th birthday parties, scientists up to the glacier to collect ice core samples, and avid travelers all around the country for their trips of a lifetime.

"Air Greenland manages to make the impossible possible"

  • Air Greenland is the national airline, and the only local operator in Greenland.

  • It operates airplane and helicopter flights to 61 domestic towns & settlements plus 3 international destinations.


In the first days of March, Air Greenland made Greenlandic history by bringing more than 1200 people, plus their special sports and film equipment, to Nuuk to be a part of Arctic Winter Games 2016. This sporting & cultural event connects Arctic peoples from Alaska, Alberta, Greenland, Northwest Territories, Nunavik, Yamal, Lapland, Nunavut, and Yukon, as well as international press and royal dignitaries. It was the largest event Greenland has ever hosted. 

Transporting so many people in a short time frame was what everyone from the logistics team to the communications and charter departments to the pilots themselves anticipated most. In the end, true Arctic weather upped the ante even more. After a few days on the ground thanks to incredibly strong winds, everyone was like a racehorse ready to break out of the starting gates. In record time, Air Greenland cranked out 31 flights between Kangerlussuaq and Nuuk in just 11 hours and 5 minutes, getting all the participants safely to Nuuk just in the nick of time for the first day of training and competition. All the trial runs and contingency plans paid off.

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