"Experience Greenland's warmer side."

Even though it is white for a greater part of the year, Greenland also has a brighter side.

Think: lush, blooming, and full of life! Below are 8 different self-guided activities that are worth trying during summertime.

1. Cycling to Russell Glacier in Kangerlussuaq

For those who don’t mind some heavy-duty biking, it is possible to cycle 25 kilometers from town to Russell Glacier – the only glacier in Greenland with a road to its doorstep! The journey will take you through scenery that echoes the Scottish highlands, but keep an eye out for the local wildlife, which includes musk ox, hares and birds.

Cycling won’t exactly be easy, but anyone who is reasonably fit can do it and it is relatively cheap. There are a few bike providers at Kangerlussuaq including Butik Sara and WOGAC.

Fact box

Remember, safety first!

When exploring Greenland’s wilderness it is always better to err on the side of caution and consider safety first.

2. Climbing Ukkusissat mountain in Nuuk

Greenland is a hiker’s paradise. In Nuuk, it is said that you are not a true ‘Nuummioq’ until you’ve climbed Ukkusissat (a.k.a. Store Malene), which is just outside the city center.

At the summit you’ll get a stunning view of Nuuk and the surrounding fjords. Important note: If you haven’t climbed the mountain before, this is an adventure you should do with someone who knows the route for safety reasons. Ask Tupilak Travel for advice.

3. Kayaking in Sermilik near Tasiusaq Sheep Farm

In Southern Greenland, summertime presents ideal conditions to enjoy nature on foot or by kayak. Tasiusaq is a remote place, where only two sheep farmers live. As with the other sheep farming areas you might feel like you enter ‘The Shire’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’ as it is so green and welcoming.

What is different, however, is the dramatic backdrop of Sermilik fjord full of gigantic blue and white-colored icebergs originating from a nearby glacier. You can rent kayaks at Tasermiut South Greenland Expeditions.

"As with the other sheep farming areas you might feel like you enter ‘The Shire’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’ as it is so green and welcoming."

4. Hiking the Arctic Circle Trail

For those with more experience in solo hiking trips. This hidden gem connects the settlement of Kangerlussuaq with the town of Sisimiut. The 160 kilometer hike takes you through tundra, narrow valleys, over low mountain passes, along big deep lakes, and from an inland to a coastal climate in the space of 7 - 11 days.

If you are planning to hike the Arctic Circle Trail you should bring along a tent and sleep under the stars. There are also huts scattered along the route, however one cannot book them in advance.

5. Walking around the Ilulissat Ice Fjord

The hikes around this northerly UNESCO World Heritage Site, which includes the Ilulissat Icefjord are an easy to organise do-it-yourself experience.

Walk the Blue Route for a stunning view over this icefjord. and you can do this all year around, if you have the appropriate footwear!

"The hikes around this northerly UNESCO World Heritage Site."

6. Hiking behind town – Tasiilaq

There are many hiking and trekking opportunities in eastern Greenland, but an easy one is Qaqqartivakajik (Sømandsfjeldet) just behind Tasiilaq, a town with a population of 2,000 individuals. Walking this trail is easier than pronouncing its name!

One leaves Tasiilaq and follows the ridge up to the first summit. From there you already have a great view - primarily over the Kong Oskars Harbour by Tasiilaq. Climbing up from there down to the saddle and to the next summit, the view over the Arctic Ocean only gets better. The hike is relatively easy and you follow a trail, but we recommend to bring a map. The folks at Destination East Greenland will be happy to help you!

"Maniitsoq’s many rivers and lakes give ample chances for angling."

7. Arctic char fishing – Maniitsoq

Greenland offers many excellent fishing spots, and Maniitsoq’s many rivers, fjords, and lakes give ample chances for angling. The season for fly-fishing Arctic char occurs during July and August. 

Remember to order a fishing license online!


An activity that locals look forward to doing in late summer is picking herbs and berries in Greenland’s nature.

It’s usually an excuse for getting away from town, either by sailing or hiking, but without any high expectations for burning too many calories.

The best thing is that you can breathe in the fresh air of nature while stuffing yourself with juicy crowberries and blueberries!