Everything is possible in Greenland’s nature!

Everything is possible in Greenland’s nature! But is it all right for you?

Take this short quiz to find out what type of nature traveler you are and which experiences in Greenland were crafted with you in mind - there’s everything from light and easy to extreme adventure!

Ask Yourself

What is your style? To find out, start by asking yourself these few questions and choosing the answer that best describes you. Then, read below to decode which type of nature traveler you are.

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1. I look for nature experiences in order to:

A. escape and get close to nature. At times, they make me test myself mentally and even physically.
B. explore, be active, do a hobby, and just have fun.
C. see beautiful landscapes from a safe distance.

2. My idea of a great nature activity is:

A. a long distance trek.
B. a kayaking day tour.
C. a coastal cruise.

3. Given the choice, I would stay out in nature:

A. forever! Ok, well a week or several weeks is not out of the question.
B. up to a full day, but I will be looking forward to getting comfortable that night!
C. just long enough to snap some good photos.

4. When I think about an accommodation for my holiday, I typically look for:

A. one that cannot be booked. I come with all my own gear (tent, sleeping bag, equipment, etc.) so I am prepared to set up camp anywhere.
B. a variety of places that give me an overview of the destination. As long as there’s a comfortable bed to lie in after an active day outdoors, I’m happy.
C. a nice hotel with fine dining and quality services. I want to come home to the prime treatment.

Wilderness Seeker

If you answered mostly A’s, then you are a Wilderness Seeker. You are completely at ease in the nature, and in fact, you prefer it to a concrete environment filled with noise and pollution. A nature-to-human ratio of 1000:1 sounds just right. Sometimes you traverse long distances and sometimes you stay stationary where the vibe feels good, but you always stay connected with nature.

Greenland is the least densely populated land on Earth, so remote landscape is what we do best. Walk the Arctic Circle Trail or find your own hiking route in our vast backcountry. With no privately owned land, you are free to camp wherever you please.

Extreme Adventurer

If you answered mostly A’s but need to add adrenaline to the equation, then you are an Extreme Adventurer. You are on a constant quest for the remotest of the remote nature, not because there is no human influence there but because this is where the roughest and most challenging landscapes live.

In Greenland, the possibilities for you are as many as your own imagination can dream up and your own endurance can handle. Unnamed peaks and glaciers scream for rock and ice climbing expeditions. Skiing or dog sledding across the Greenland Ice Sheet could keep you busy for a month, and of course there’s always the Greenland National Park, world’s largest.

"I am not interested in the normal tourist program of a group of people rushing around... photo, photo, photo. What I want is to reach a point where I can start and then I am alone with nature."

"I travel all over the world. I have been to the Arctic for polar bear, moose, and bear. As a hunter, the most important thing is the trophy – the animal. Then, of course it is nice if the area is different and special. But basically we travel for the animals."

Nature Lover

If you answered mostly B’s, then you are a Nature Lover. You enjoy getting out into the environment for the day, as long as you can come back to some creature comforts when the day is through. Getting a bit sweaty or dirty in the course of an activity just means that you got a closer experience with the nature and had fun doing it!

Greenland is a natural playground for your active soul. In summer, every town has a few good day hikes you must try. Kayaking lets you stretch your sea legs, and glacier hiking is always a classic. In winter, ski touring, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling keep you moving!

Special Interest Adventurer

If you answered mostly B’s but have one very particular hobby in mind, then you are a Special Interest Adventurer. You will travel anywhere in the world as long as it promises the opportunity for you to do your favored activity. You often travel with others who share your same interest, because no one understands your passion quite like they do.

In Greenland, angling, photography, bird watching, and hunting are popular!

Nature Appreciator

If you answered mostly C’s, then you are a Nature Appreciator. You enjoy the simplicity of being near beautiful nature without having to be knee-deep in it. Let the others have their adrenaline in the red zone. You’ll take the relaxed and comfortable option, thank you.

In Greenland, take advantage of our ‘slow tourism’ experiences. Soak in our natural hot springs or observe icebergs by guided boat tour or flightseeing. Marvel at natural phenomena from your own hotel terrace, like the Midnight Sun in summer and Northern Lights in winter.

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"The number one reason to travel is to see the natural sites. The rest is part of the package."