Greenland is truly a world of its own. Icebergs and the inland ice are probably the most famous aspects of the Greenlandic nature - and with good reason. Colossal icebergs in fantastic shapes of blue and white float on the deep blue sea. The inland ice - a truly incomprehensible sheet of ice, kilometres thick, which seems frozen solid and immovable but, as the roaring and creaking reveals, is in fact under constant movement and change.

And, unfortunately, these changes are more extreme than ever.

The inland ice is melting and retreating at an unprecedented rate. Global warming is leaving its mark.

But the ice is not all. Greenland is also about green mountains with beautiful wild flowers, long fjords, precipitous cliffs, hot springs and skies so high and air so fresh. It is easy to see why it is not just people who enjoy living here. Animals also thrive here - at sea and on land - whales, seals, reindeer, musk oxen, polar bears, to name but a few of the spectacular main characters in nature's own gallery.