Remember when you were a kid and you and your siblings did a snow dance in your PJ’s wishing for a school closing so you could play outside for hours the next day?

A winter holiday in the Arctic Circle Region gives you all that excitement again - plus fun adventures - and this time the snow is guaranteed. Dancing in your pajamas optional.

Between Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut lies the only trail in the country that takes you from Ice Sheet to coastline.

The sled dogs, snowmobiles, and winter fat bikes have been waiting all summer just for you. Which one would you choose?

A winter holiday in the Arctic Circle Region gives you all the excitement back!

How to get here:

Air Greenland flights Copenhagen-Kangerlussuaq-Sisimiut /// Air Iceland flight Reykjavík-Nuuk & Air Greenland flights Nuuk-Kangerlussuaq-Sisimiut


Where to stay:

Hotel Kangerlussuaq, Hotel Sisimiut, Kangerlussuaq Youth Hostel, Old Camp, Polar Lodge, Seamen’s Home Sisimiut, AirBnB properties


What to do in winter:

Art & theatre exhibitions, boat tours, coffee with locals, cross country skiing, dining, dog sledding, fat biking, glacier camping, glacier walking, hiking, mountain safari by snowmobile bus, museums, snowmobiling, souvenir shopping

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